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Experience the perfect temperature for living


Keep your home at the perfect temperature,
without the need for air conditioning


orata° uses the innovative thermal mass of Phase Change Materials to create perfect occupant comfort. With simple connection to a solar energy system and heat pump, the orata° system will maintain your internal temperature at a comfortable 24 degrees - even on the hottest and coldest days of the year.


Control your environment

Orata° panels turn your home into a huge 80 kWh thermal battery. Slow moving thermal inertia allows us to time shift heating and cooling, for several days.

When solar energy is available, a heat pump adds hot or cold thermal energy to the orata° panels, maintaining a perfect temperature of 24°C


Energy is Created

Photovoltaic Solar energy is produced by the panels on your roof.

This energy is transferred to your reverse cycle heat pump.

Energy is Stored

The heat pump adds latent energy to the orata° panels when renewable energy is available, instead of sending it out to the grid once your batteries are full.

Heat pump

Heat pump


Enjoy Your Comfortable Home

Any heat or cool entering the home is absorbed by the orata° panels inside your internal walls, stabilising the temperature at 24°C

Your house will be at the perfect temperature, and without the need for air conditioning you won’t see, hear or smell a thing.


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