Orata° has utilised ancient thermal mass principles, bolstered by modern science and technology, to develop a product that out performs any existing heating and cooling system.

Until now, heating and cooling your home was constrained to the time of day when electricity is at its most expensive, renewable energy was not available and when heat pumps were inefficient.

Orata° technology allows you to time shift heating and cooling to take advantage of cheap or free energy.  Orata° turns a heat pump into an energy multiplier and utilises weather forecasts to put you in control of your energy consumption.

Each O° panel contains a phase change material that stores energy and can be designed specifically for your perfect temperature.  The panels are placed inside internal wall cavities and plumbed to a heat pump, such as your hot water system.

Once installed, O° panels produce a nice and healthy radiant temperature.  You can charge the panels anytime using free or cheap renewable energy via a heat pump and operate the heat pump at the most efficient time, such as overnight.

If you have PV solar on the roof, Orata° allows you to use the energy when it is created, increasing PV productivity and massively reducing the need for batteries.  O° panels store energy at 1/5 th (potentially 1/10th) the cost $/kWh of Tesla Powerwall2 battery.


Weather forecasting pre-emptively heat/cools to forecast clouds, wind  and temps
System size  25kwh to 50kwh
Storage  Orata° $200kwh Vs lithium ion battery $800kwh 
Set up costssame cost as ducted air conditioning
Running costs Cut power bills by 1/3 by eliminating on going heating and cooling costs
Orata° and Solar PV panelsfree running costs. Zero green house gas emissions (GHGE)
Orata° and off peak powerup to 10 times less $$ and GHGE
Orata° and off grid integrates well with less batteries required
Life Cycle  Orata° 50+ years Vs Lithium ion Battery 10years 
Heat pumpReverse cycle heat pump integrated with hot water
Grid advantagesdemand management, load shifting, peak shaving
End of Life cycleOrata° is 100% recyclable